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New Beginnings

by Keith B Stolte, MD

Stolte Eye Center

Happy New Year!  This is the time when the past is in the past, and everything starts new. Everyone gets another chance to make the New Year their best year ever.  We start new diets, full of determination that we will be successful.  The fitness centers are all full, in January, of people who want to get in shape.  This is our year.

So what about the pain we have?  Can we make a New Year’s resolution to minimize that?  Is there a way to say, “2018 is the year I stop using opiates to control my pain? 2018 is the year I control my Parkinson’s, migraines, or PTSD?“ These are not the normal resolutions we hear.  But this year.... they are attainable.

This year, we can help you with all of those issues and more.  Medical marijuana is an unbelievable drug.  We have only scratched the surface of its possibilities.  Medical marijuana does not have the organ-damaging side effects that many of the medications you may be taking.  With one type of marijuana, CBD, you will not get high if you are concerned about that.

There are creams, pills, tinctures, vapes, and one-day edibles.  We can help you find the method that is best for you.  So-- what are you waiting for?  Let 2018 be the year when you say.... “I am taking control of my pain, of what goes into my body.  I am saying yes to a natural drug and no to harmful drugs being pushed by big pharma.”  Say yes to YOU this year.

My patient story this month: I have a patient who loved to play pickle ball, but a bad knee caused her to stop for a year-and-a-half.  She needed a partial knee replacement.  She does not want to have the surgery right now.  So, instead, she is using the topical cream on her knees to control the pain.  She is back playing pickle ball.  Another marijuana success!

Have a healthy 2018

Dr. Keith Stolte