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Happy New You for this Happy New Year!

By Pastor Jerry Waugh

Northcliffe Baptist Church, Spring Hill

The Christmas celebrations are now over. The Christmas decorations have been put away for about another 11 months. We have watched the ball drop from Times Square that signals the start of a New Year. For some of us, our eyelids usually drop before the ball drops at midnight. But we fall asleep anyway on New Year’s Eve knowing the ball will drop and the New Year will come-- whether we are awake to watch and welcome it, or not.

With a New Year, often come New Year’s resolutions. In one poll on New Year’s resolutions, the top responses related to weight, diet and exercise (yuck … I know they’re right, but yuck). That was followed by a commitment to do better in the area of debt and finances. Next, there was a commitment to personal improvements, such as working on bad habits and developing new habits.

People continue to have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Millions of people make them, but they rarely report success with them. That’s why some people call New Year’s resolutions, New Year’s dissolutions. Even so, resolutions do reveal something about us: most people want to experience some sort of personal change in their lives.

There is a built-in desire we have to start doing some things and to stop doing other things. We want to be a better “you” in the New Year. Some improvement goals are easier than others. It’s usually easier to start walking three times a week than to stop feeling anger toward someone who has hurt us.

At one New Year’s Eve party, a friend of two men wanted to encourage them to restore their broken friendship. The two men had quarreled and had never reconciled their relationship. So the friend said to one of the men, “You need to get this reconciled. Go over now, and wish your old friend a happy New Year.” The man walked across the room and said to his former friend, “I wish you a happy New Year,” and added, “but only one.”  Okay, maybe he still has some more work to do in the area of forgiveness.

That built-in desire comes from God prompting us to become the person He made us to be. But it takes more than resolutions and effort to become that better person. It begins by admitting we are broken without God. It is trusting in His Son, Jesus, and in what He did for us on the cross by dying for our sins that can make us whole. In my life, I have confessed to God my brokenness (I am a sinner) and placed faith in His ability to make me whole (I trust in Your Son to be my Savior). Being made whole is not the same as being made perfect. I am far from perfect (I can provide references), but I am whole.

So, I not only wish you this month a Happy New Year, but I also wish you a Happy New You! Both can be accomplished when we start the New Year with our trust in God!



Pastor Jerry Waugh

Northcliffe Baptist Church, Spring Hill

Temple Beth David September Events


Temple Beth David, 13158 Antelope St., Spring Hill, is offering Adult Education Classes on several topics.

• An introduction to the Study of the Talmud will be taught by Reb Tuviah every Wed., at 7:30pm (except the 3rd Wed.). TBD members free, non-members $5/class.

• Beginning Hebrew class is every Wed., 7:30-9am

• Conversational Hebrew, 9-10:30am

• Advanced Hebrew,10:30-noon. Classes are taught by Lynn Budnick.  TBD members free, non-members-$25/month.

• A Torah Study class, conducted by Reb Tuviah, every Monday, at 10:30am and 7pm.TBD members free, non- members $5/class.

For additional info, call 352-686-7034.